Saturday, November 29, 2008

Production notes: Zack & Miri

So, more or less, I got to see Zack & Miri Make Adult-Oriented Materials last night and here are thoughts:

- Seth Rogen sometimes comes off like he's trying too hard, maybe that's because most of the diaglogue is Kevin Smith's, and it can be kind of abrasive sometimes. Overall though, he's good and says funny shit, which is why he's there. Also, he totally wasn't losing weight for his new movie yet, 'cause homeboy is looking kind of big here (not that there's anything wrong with that).

-Elizabeth Banks is very good.

-I lol'd more than once.

-Brandon Routh comes across as a very nice guy and is very photogenic.

-Tisha Campbell is in it.

-Justin Long's gay-guy impression is not really the awesomest. He plays a raspy, effeminate ghey with a sorta faux-classiness that is kind of annoying. Why Justin Long chose to interpret the character this way and why Kevin Smith thought it worked is beyond me (unless he is described in the script this way). It's minstrel-y (not to get all Rosie O'D on a muthafucker), and it's not like Justin Long gets many chances to be anyone but the Mac Guy that everyone hates. I mean, he's not THAT butch! He could have basically played himself and it would've been gay enough (but his character does have an issue with being femmy and dating a 'straight guy' so I guess it had to play this way, whatever, it's his movie, not mine, he can play it however he wants. Incidentally, this is the same issue I had with the dude in the leather jacket in Chasing Amy. Incidentally still, Chasing Amy is a pretty good movie worthy of respect, so whatever.)

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update: that was a post, really, about nothing

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