Tuesday, November 18, 2008

#7: Becoming Hipsters

Because in artistic communities, the lines are blurred, as they probably should be. Blurred, as in, dudes are straight but not ignorant when it comes to sexuality, because there is nothing to gain from feigning dumb on this subject--quite the opposite: being socially conservative makes you not allowed to be a hipster but a POSER. The distinction makes all the difference. There are plenty of places to get your hipster analysis, so we'll keep this breif, and just note that being a hipster is the next best thing to coming out of the closet, because it's basically the same thing. You get to wear tight clothes, listen to artistic music, pre-order tickets to Gus Van Sant movies, and make out with boys. Yeah, technically you're living a lie, but so is everybody else--we don't mean everybody else in your neighborhood, we mean everybody in the world.

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