Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Holiday overshare: Wrestling

I often feel really, really bad posting images on this site and making that be all there is to the post. But this is our first holiday together (this site is like 3 weeks old, you see) and since the holidays are about indulging in revenge fantasies against your parents for turning you into a hollow blob incapable of loving himself or others, from which children cower, why not also make it a time to indulge in some things that have been on your mind. For me, one of those things has been wrestling, and how smelly guys can be, yet how nobody ever has that complaint about wrestling. Spreading herpes, sure--but not being smelly. Go figure. Whatever, the point is, one of my friends used to wrestle in high school, and he still keeps tabs, and he's not totally h-phobic or anything (he is MY friend), I think he would be annoyed if I pointed out the inherent erotica of traditional wrestling (not that WWE shit).

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