Wednesday, November 26, 2008

In Sports: SCCL's fake boyfriend has time to start a blog now

Only about a week since your Fishbelly declared his forgiveness, love, and support for Mr. Brady Quinn, said Quinn went and fucked up his finger. Then he played football sports (and maybe some other kinds of sports in his private time--if I like something, that means a lot of other people do too) with this ruined hand and ruineded it further, and now the experts are all like, "Oh yeah, btw, your you-wish B-F-F-L is out for the season probly or whatever." And we're all like, "Geezum effing Crow! Now I have to pretend Eli Manning is attractive or just, like, not watch football until the playoffs, like how I only used to watch the last few episode of reality competitions." But we probably won't even do that, not with soccer still on the air. Get better Brady--we'll still write nice stuff about you as long as you don't take this out on h0m0s or nothin. I don't care what country you're from the midwest of, bashing people ain't cool. [washington post]

So what were we saying? Right: soccer.

We are now Manchester United fans! They won today (actually, I think it was a draw, but they progressed in the series or whatever--we have to learn us our soccer lingo) but our non-injured pretend confidante and unhealthy lust object, Cristiano Rinaldo, was injured in the process. One step forward, two steps back, America.

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