Monday, November 17, 2008

In the news: Homophobia Roundup

*First up, news from across the pond, shedding a stark spotlight on a startling new discovery: kids like to say things are gay, especially things like their teachers and people they don't like, who will in turn rat them out to pollsters and stuff:

'A SHOCK survey has found eighty five per cent of teachers hear homophobic abuse
in schools every week. And over half who took part in the study - based on
five Oldham secondary schools - said they had been a target for homophobic abuse

Officials at the National Union of Teachers, who commissioned the survey, say the results are shocking. Tony Harrison, from the Oldham branch of the NUT, said:

"Not only do 85 per cent of teachers hear homophobic abuse of staff or pupils each week but over half the teachers who responded have been the target of homophobic abuse themselves by pupils during the school year." [Manchester Evening News]'

Recently I've felt like a prude, 'cause it seems like gay people seem to be kind of okay with this 'gay' thing being thrown around as slang for something you'd wish to do without. Personally, I think it's lazy and boorish thinking that makes someone call a lamp gay for blowing out during an electrical storm, but maybe it's just that American culture only requires consumer minds to be lazy and boorish, and so calling stuff gay ends up just being normal. In elementary school, a teacher told me that I shouldn't use the word 'weird' when I write, because it doesn't really mean anything--I feel the same way abuot this. I know gay people use it too, but I think that's kind of a gay thing to do when people are out there protesting for equal rights and afraid to come out because it could ruin their careers. Just...just really gay, guys, really.

*Next up, we have a first in American history, so hold onto your hats: a rapper is homophobic! I know, I know, it's insane, but apparently this rapper named [redacted, fuck him], who is affiliated with Eminem in some way, and who has to be a pretty awful emcee if I'm only hearing about him because he hates dudes that fuck each other, buttsecks-wise (sample lyric, seriously: "Ain't no other way to say He's a fuckking faggot so I'm lettin' off my AK Bust 'em in his forehead He ain't worth lettin' live...").

Over at The Quietus, they've got some thotfull words on the subject, more thoughtful than I am typicaly capable, at least:

Through the Stop Murder Music campaign, there has been a lot of focus on
homophobic lyrics in the music industry, particularly those that incite violence
against gay and lesbian people. Artists like Buju Banton, Bounty Killa, Capleton
and Beenie Man have seen their concerts cancelled and their tracks dropped from
airplay all over the world. Their stubborn refusal to stop their violent
anti-gay solicitations to murder has seriously damaged their careers and I often
wonder if, for them, it's really worth it. Is it worth squandering your talent,
your career, your art, your livelihood on promoting hatred and violence? So if
homophobia doesn't pay, why is [redacted, fuck him, in the back] going down this route? That is a question only he can answer. [The Quietus]
There's a lot about free speech in the actual article so go read the real thing, cuz it's better.

*Finally, for now, Prince would like gay people to know that god pretty much hates them, as per his book of choose-your-own-meaning, anti-bottoming allegories, the Bible.

Whatever you say, bro.

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