Sunday, November 16, 2008

From the Science Vault: Stop looking at hot people and you'll like yourself more

Science can sometimes be used when religion doesn't have the answer which is a fancy way of saying science is pointless, and so we here at SCCL will sometimes present what some stupid scientist doctors wasted their time figuring out over the last ten years or so. Our first peice comes from 2004 and basically says that when guys are checking out the sexy Amerian media's six-pack abs and form-fitting speedo swimsuits, they feel less satisfied with themselves, even if they are special, beautiful people in every conceivable way.

The study of 158 male college students found that those who were made to
watch TV ads full of lean, muscular and often shirtless young men showed more
body dissatisfaction and depression compared with their peers who watched
"neutral" commercials.

The findings suggest that media images of the "ideal male body"
contribute to poor body image in men, according to study authors Daniel Agliata
and Dr. Stacey Tantleff-Dunn of the University of Central Florida.

The razor blades are in the cupboard--I'll run the bathwater.

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