Wednesday, November 26, 2008

In the news: Because we're on holiday in two hours

...But we still have to work on friday!! HAHAHAHAHA WE'RE POOR! O there is news 2:

*Be thankful that you aren't getting hosed down and beat up all goddamn day; conservatism is stagnation, and has no choice but to lose. Things ARE changing. [detroit news]

*Obama is perfect and will paint the American flag pink and and off-white, because those are cute colors together (I dunno). [Bay Windows]

*Harvey Milk was pretty awesome, too. [huffpo]

*Florida gets kicked in the nuts, from behind, as their abortion ban gets deemed unconstitutional. STOP MAKING DOUCHEBAG LAWS! They will always be struck down, at some point in history. With your free time, make a plan on how you will come out of the closet instead. Send us emailz and we will announce it here! [nytimes]

*Mormons may have been shady with their monies, and The Terminator State will look into this. Now from my favorite, irrelevant line from T2: "Hold this." [freep]

* "Gay rights leaders hope to build a $1-million war chest to defend any judge threatened with recall for ruling in favor of gay marriage, leaders announced during a conference call with supporters Tuesday night." [lat]

* "The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has been ordered to pay nearly £190,000 to a lesbian soldier who was sexually harassed by a male sergeant." [BBC]

*Dumb hicks in Kansas hate gay people and aren't remotely self-conscious about it, for they are too ignorant, and so hold sign saying Obama is the anti-kryst, and reminding everyone that Jesus died before his roommate could get him drunk and explore bodies with him. [the oregonian]

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