Sunday, April 12, 2009

Effective Advertising: Urban Outfitters

I was going to buy this shirt just because of the image here advertising it on the Urban Outfitters site. This is known as the Abercrombie Mistake, but I don't know if I'm in the clear yet. Gotta stay away from it.

But it's not even expensive or anything--it's just hard to decide if it's really a good shirt. 

Do you like rock music?

This video is kind of old (via 2005) but it's for the band Federation X, for their song "the Hatchet Man" and it's like a late 70s horror movie. Or something (the band sounds like a punk rock band sometimes and a blues rock band sometimes).

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Things on the internet: Mr Oizo the director

One of the things on the internet is the knowledge that Mr Oizo is an electronic performer. His latest album, Lambs Anger, is fun experimental house music, or maybe something simpler than that, like bloghouse. There is an abstract making of for this record, the Making of Lambs Anger, and here it is presented, via youtube. [note: Mr Oizo is not a woman, IRL]

When I'm lazy...

When I'm lazy, doing a google news search for "teh gayz" is even too arduous  a task to undertake, which you may have noticed. So here's a picture of some hot dude we can all pretend is really our boyfriend, or whatever people do when they see a picture of a guy who isn't them. Here's a place to read IF YOU KNOW HOW; I know I can't. I am working on some real shit, though, so it's not like I'm doing nothing, or whatever.

Also, gay marriage much? Lately, right?

Monday, March 30, 2009

Movies I saw recently and a picture of a dude who has nothing to do with it

-The Thing: as in the old John Carpenter one, finally. It was good--I didn't know the plot going in, but that probably helped.

-I Love You, Man: The Paul Rudd buttsex movie (right?). It was funny enough for the kind of movie it is, which is a guy-powered chick flick. (I saw it with a dude).

-The Breakfast Club: Yes, I'd seen it before, but not since I was too young to know what I was watching, and I refused to watch it on basic cable, with the edits. Anyway, it's good, all the kids are good actos, though Ally Sheedy's character was a little retarded and almost aggressively creepy and I hated her more after the makeover (what is the message here??), Anthony Michael Hall was good though, and Emelio Estevez was buff, the end.

-Memento: seen it before, but not in forever, and so forgot what it was about (it's about a story-framing device, right?). Good as well.

-Sauna: Good, but slow. Haunting vibe, though? Can I say that?

-Dark Floors: this movie kinda sucked. To paraphrase an IMDB commenter: This movie was okay until Lordi showed up acting like monsters.

-Sommusturm: this wasn't bad. I kinda liked it, but maybe the precise end wasn't my favorite. If they had all broken into a choreographed dance on the beach, like Slumdog, I would be singing another tune however.

-Charlie Bartlett: it was okay.

Le Temps Qui Reste: It was okay. I have seen worse.

-Broken English: very pleasant story about wanting to settle down but having yet to do so? That make sense?

In studies: sad teens

Lots of teens go  through sad times. Personally, as a teen, I was a humanoid creature carved from a pure depression-aloy, so I know what I'm talking about. A new study (conducted by out of work psychiatrists, I presume), suggests teens should be periodically tested for depression, by a psychiatrist who may or may not be short on cash at the moment:

It's a change from the group's 2002 report concluding there wasn't enough evidence to support or oppose screening for teens. The task force, though, says there's still insufficient proof about the benefits and harms of screening children 7 to 11 years old.

Depression strikes about 1 out of 20 teens, and it's been linked to lower grades, more physical illness and drug use, as well as early pregnancy. 

If you know any sad teens, get them tested. Also, the Smashing Pumpkins helps.

Would you let Joe Jonas sleep with your daughter?

Well? Would you?

why?: White Williams

So, pretty much obsessed with
White Williams? And I pretty much don't know why? Not a big deal, just someting that's happened.

News: you can use

pic from here

-Interesting bit of pondering on college basketball and the 'phobia, yo. [365]

-More gay marriage, more Vermont. [wcax]

-Gay bars maybe having to be less aggressively homo-y? [metroweekly]

-Maybe some progress in the presbyterian church involving clergy and you know what. [dallasnews]

-More discussion on Don't Ask-Don't Tell, and about it's future (summary: it will probably be repealed within a few years). [towleroad]

-Apparently there is a 'gay media' as well as a mafia. [ontop]

-Miami allows flags (not a typo). [upi]

-Take a Xanax and read about 'pride' in Russia. [ontop]

-Okay, okay. You know how the new Bruno movie is 'too faggy' for cineplexes? Here is the right-wing-y, conservative version of the outrage about how gay Bruno is. Take two xanax and read this article. [beliefnet]

-Jeez, these Brits are really serious about homophobia in their schools. It must be worse than it sounds. [bbc]

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Peaches: "More"

Here's one of those slideshow-type youtube vids set to the newish Peaches song "more." I like the song and this is the easiest way to post it without feeling like a pirate, so here. It's good, especially when it finally lets go.

Being old and rich is awesome. I'm only guessing, I would not know.

Do you know who Karl Lagerfeld is? Apparently he designs clothes for Americans like Kanye West and people who get to be at Fashion Week. Do you know who designs my clothes? Osh Kosh  B Gosh; get in where you fit in, right? ANYWAY, that dude up there is the guy Mr. Designer-face used to date up until about who cares ago.

This dude below is who he dates now. Karl Lagerfeld is like 400 years old, not that there's anything wrong with that.

I mean, both of these guys could be the biggest assholes ever conceived by human loins, but they don't look like it (maybe a little, but...). The point is, being old is awesome, as long as you are rich, but what kind of shit do you care, as long as young people are willing to waste their time taking showers with you or whatever. Ask Hefner. Marc Jacobs dating life is now boring and stupid--long live Lagerfeld, a role model to people who fear aging (homeboy doesn't even have a fucked up plastic-surge face, and he's bagging these kids. Life, man. Life.)

Thinking of experimenting with beachware this summer

I'm thinking I might try to make Speedos happen, but in real world settings, like public pools and beaches. Everybody's always wearing boardshorts because they are a staple at this point. Most dudes do not want to be caught at the beach in anything else. The newest thing, I'm pretty sure, is shorter-than-normal board shorts. Newest thing = acceptable. 

I just think maybe I need to take it up a notch and rock the mankini once the weather breaks completely. Thinking I might be into that shit, you know? What's the point of working out if you can't throw it in everyone's face, forcing other males to question their own feelings as you strut down the boardwalk? Right? Anyway, I'm pricing some right now. Or am I?

News and a trailer

Today, instead of a topless dude, we will present the trailer for the upcoming film Where the Wild Things Are, which looks good. [if it doesn't work, it's not for lack of trying, and here's the link anyway] Following, some less-depressing-than-usual news involving current events and gay people:

-New York senator formerly opposed to marriage betwixt the similarly-genitaled, has changed his mind. [ap]

-Barney Frank says Antonin Scalia is a hater. [bostonglobe]

-I will stop hating on John McCain's daughter for the time being. [towleroad]

-NBC is loving the attention having gay characters on your show affords you. It's a spoiler though. [afterelton]

-More gay confusion in college. [posttribune]

-Ugh. This dude is suing Microsoft for what is essentially taunting due to sexuality. Read it, y'all. (Warning: he looks like Jim Dangle). [telegraph]

more shirtless dudes later

Monday, March 23, 2009

As days go by, it's the....something, something. Whatever, I'm trying to sing the Family Matters theme

Which I sometimes confuse with the Full House theme? Don't know why, but I basically always do that.

-I gave my cat a sip of a chocolate nutritional drink. It made him stand on his hind legs and beg for more.

-I kind of hate myself because every time I see a picture of Zac Efron, I'm always like, "Oh, man." Which is sad, right? Who the fuck does he think he is? [pic via jezebel]

-I've been writing ecards at someecards and it's a lot of fun, especially when they actually seem to be liked, which is not always.

-You ever notice how Brent Corrigan is always posing and shit in his videos? It's like, some of us are into the fourth wall, dude.

-Doesn't it suck how if you basically lay your cards on the table and tell some dude you're like soulmates and shit, how you can't go back? Because you CAN NOT go back--it either ends well (which is almost never the case for fagmos) or it ends badly, which is nearly surefire this day and age. But I'm tellin you, right?

-So bored right now. Not in the suicide-y way, just am. Maybe go for a walk? Trying to hate Kanye less. Miss you, JoBros.

In the news: we kinda already talked about this...

...and the pictured dude kind of doesn't really have anything to do with it, but half the point of this is pictures to look at. Ooh, words:

"The Vermont Senate Judiciary Committee unanimously approved a bill Friday that would allow same-sex marriage in the state. This vote came after a week of hearings on the issue. Vermont currently allows civil unions, but the current bill would expand benefits offered to same-sex couples.

The bill will now move to the state Senate. Even if the legislation passes in both houses of the state legislature, supporters are concerned that Republican Governor Jim Douglas would veto the measure. A spokeswoman for the Governor told the 
New York Times that "Governor Douglas believes that this legislation is a distraction from the important work the legislature should be doing to get our economy back on track."" [ms]

in the news: the usual, augmented with some random dude showing his trail for no reason. such is life

-Some loser did some dumb shit. [bbc]

-Pretty interesting case about a man denied asylum in the US (he was attacked in his native Brazil), who is gay, and 'married' to an American, but that does not matter, because he is gay. [nyt]

-Couple more Tales of Gay Marriage. [wcax] [business journal]

-LeAnn Rimes: "My husband sucks cocks." [abc]

-It's cool to hate gays in Africa, but Bono's not gonna tell y'all that, is he?? [allafrica]

-Talk of my fave fantasy: nazigays. [popmatters]

-People complaining about the pope, which is pointless. Can you guess why it's pointless? [news24]

-Sports fans can be homophobic, and often are. [outsports]

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In whatevers: Nine inch nails concerts, while you're young

I feel like I just wrote about them, but they are coming to my area, and I want to go to them. I just have to figure out which town to see them and also not get lynched, so I have a lot of researching to do, y'all.

They tend to have authentic, Pitchfork-approved opening bands, but this time they have some up-and-coming group called the Janes Addictions. NEVER HEARD OF IT.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In the news: St Patricks Day

Why are there so many fucking holidays?? Honestly, I mean, I get this one, heritage and all, but, y'all, I think we really should get rid of some of these things. I'm a 'hater', I guess, but we could probly chop 2 or 3 holidays off the calendar and still be okay with the universe, nay? This picture is pertinent to NOTHING. News:

-A teacher was fired because nobody likes gay people. [usa today]

-Hate crimes against you-know-whos seems to be increasing in Calif. [mercury news]

-Fight for adoption continues in Florida. [miami herald]

-I hate religion, but it's cool when someone who DOESN'T hate it is a cool person. [LGF]

-Marriage equality match in LA on Sunday. [my desert]

Monday, March 16, 2009

In the news: Oh, Monday

Here is a picture of someone prettier than not only me, but you as well. He is promoting some movie that also features Matthew Perry, who nobody deems necessary to trot out for photo-ops. Pic via here. News here:

-Vermont starts legislative talk on allowing same-sexytimes. [ap]

-There's a gay guy on American Idol, which totally RUINS it now. [reality tv]

-The show Kings (based on selections from best-selling children's book The Bible), also has a gay person, and this one is quite basically the villain, like most gays. [after elton]

-Let's see: basically, Michael Steele, the GOP chair, doesn't QUITE hate homos to agree which comforts his Repug clozzy co-horts. If there's two things the republican party hates, it's people who are intolerant of their core beliefs, and fggts. [queerty]

-West Virginians are worried about the Gay Ultimatum. [register herald]

-Discrimination in schools, blahblah. [press assoc.]

-I spent like four hours scanning my computer for badware and vireeses. Sucks.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

On the screens: The Fall

The most recent movie I have seen is called the Fall. This comes right after having watching Synechdoche New York and Inland Empire, two movies whose logic you have to wade through. This film is fantastical (or whatever) but is presented in a pretty straightforward manner. The little girl in it is very good, as is Pace Lee, the dude, who I was unfamiliar with upon sitting down for the movie, but who it turns out is on that show Pushing Daisies that I've never seen because I liked Six Feet Under too much, the end.

Anyone have an extra asian boyfriend they're not using?

Cuz I kinda want one, but there aren't a lot available by me.

Is this one yours?

Can I have it?

Anyway, this was supposed to be a post about how I want to learn to fight, via the mixed martial arts, but how I don't want to look like I got hit in the face a bunch of times. This is Korean Pop Sensation Rain, after getting into killing-machine shape for his new movie, Ninjas that Kill, produced by the Matrix Brothers. So, this post became an excuse to post these pictures, instead of an excuse to post pictures of UFC fighters. They call that 'blogging', and it is both tremendous and an art form. Thank you.