Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Being old and rich is awesome. I'm only guessing, I would not know.

Do you know who Karl Lagerfeld is? Apparently he designs clothes for Americans like Kanye West and people who get to be at Fashion Week. Do you know who designs my clothes? Osh Kosh  B Gosh; get in where you fit in, right? ANYWAY, that dude up there is the guy Mr. Designer-face used to date up until about who cares ago.

This dude below is who he dates now. Karl Lagerfeld is like 400 years old, not that there's anything wrong with that.

I mean, both of these guys could be the biggest assholes ever conceived by human loins, but they don't look like it (maybe a little, but...). The point is, being old is awesome, as long as you are rich, but what kind of shit do you care, as long as young people are willing to waste their time taking showers with you or whatever. Ask Hefner. Marc Jacobs dating life is now boring and stupid--long live Lagerfeld, a role model to people who fear aging (homeboy doesn't even have a fucked up plastic-surge face, and he's bagging these kids. Life, man. Life.)

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