Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Sports are good to kill time, right?

picture via here

I have a bunch of free time now, so I'm thinking maybe I should get into sports? It'll either be basketball or something that involves a wetsuit, or maybe something that involves a white sparkly jacket. I'm trying to kinda hone in on whichever speaks to me the most, you know?

I mean, sports get you into shape, and if I join some sort of club, there are plenty of fit guys there, and that's the whole point of being alive, right? To find people to stare at creepily, or, like, go out with and start a family? Haha, I know that rule doesn't apply to fggts, I'm just saying in general, you guys, relax. But maybe surfing? I need to learn how to swim first tho. It could just be swimming that I do, since Michael Phelps is the new touchstone for physical perfection of the neck-down variety. Just some shit that I've been CONSIDERING, since I have time to workout like ten times a day if I wanted to, as long as I put aside time to get wasted. The working out is for the outside, the getting wasted is for to feel alive.

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