Sunday, March 8, 2009

In the news: Hate!

-Some HS kids in Pennsy were putting on a play involving gay themes and some protestors thought they should know that god hates fags. [wcax]

-Religion  seems to still be happening. This time with protestants trying to come to terms. [ocala]

-There's a lawsuit against a school who hates queers and homos. [dallas voice]

-Family Guy has a gay themed episode that my roommate DVR'd, that I'm gonna go watch in a minizzle. [ontop]

-There's a gay mardi gras in Aussie land. [ap]

-Hillz butters up the gays? [smart news]

If you haven't been, you should watch the United States of Tara. It's a good show, all around. Not perfect, but it's good. They're trying.

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