Thursday, March 12, 2009

Summer shape: Are you there yet?

Do you sometimes wish you were at a barbecue (or an underground parking garage, it's your life) with your shirt off? I would go to this 'block party' thing that one of my 'friends' would invite me to, and there would always be this shirtless guy there who was in great shape, and one or two other shirtless bros in less awesome shape, but still good enough that nobody tried to asphyxiate on their own vomit at how gross they were. I mean, this is America, so I know no one wants to WORK THAT HARD AT IT, but I know, deep down, people would like to have the option to be 'that guy' if they wanted. Obviously, the only people who even consider shedding clothes at a beer-fueled bbq are those who work on it, and, like, need to talk about it, or at least NEED YOU OGLING THEM, so it balances itself out.

Have you ever actually tried to reach this goal? Are you there yet? I figure it's sad and impossible to try to match the physique of someone in phote spreads, because you have NO IDEA what the lighintg and f-stop situation was at the shoot, so it's really hard to mimic editorial photography in real-life settings. You ever lift up your shirt in the bathroom, at the office?Flourescent lighting favors no man--it's a harsh reality. Just be careful with your summer-body goals, y'all.

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