Wednesday, March 25, 2009

News and a trailer

Today, instead of a topless dude, we will present the trailer for the upcoming film Where the Wild Things Are, which looks good. [if it doesn't work, it's not for lack of trying, and here's the link anyway] Following, some less-depressing-than-usual news involving current events and gay people:

-New York senator formerly opposed to marriage betwixt the similarly-genitaled, has changed his mind. [ap]

-Barney Frank says Antonin Scalia is a hater. [bostonglobe]

-I will stop hating on John McCain's daughter for the time being. [towleroad]

-NBC is loving the attention having gay characters on your show affords you. It's a spoiler though. [afterelton]

-More gay confusion in college. [posttribune]

-Ugh. This dude is suing Microsoft for what is essentially taunting due to sexuality. Read it, y'all. (Warning: he looks like Jim Dangle). [telegraph]

more shirtless dudes later

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