Monday, March 30, 2009

Movies I saw recently and a picture of a dude who has nothing to do with it

-The Thing: as in the old John Carpenter one, finally. It was good--I didn't know the plot going in, but that probably helped.

-I Love You, Man: The Paul Rudd buttsex movie (right?). It was funny enough for the kind of movie it is, which is a guy-powered chick flick. (I saw it with a dude).

-The Breakfast Club: Yes, I'd seen it before, but not since I was too young to know what I was watching, and I refused to watch it on basic cable, with the edits. Anyway, it's good, all the kids are good actos, though Ally Sheedy's character was a little retarded and almost aggressively creepy and I hated her more after the makeover (what is the message here??), Anthony Michael Hall was good though, and Emelio Estevez was buff, the end.

-Memento: seen it before, but not in forever, and so forgot what it was about (it's about a story-framing device, right?). Good as well.

-Sauna: Good, but slow. Haunting vibe, though? Can I say that?

-Dark Floors: this movie kinda sucked. To paraphrase an IMDB commenter: This movie was okay until Lordi showed up acting like monsters.

-Sommusturm: this wasn't bad. I kinda liked it, but maybe the precise end wasn't my favorite. If they had all broken into a choreographed dance on the beach, like Slumdog, I would be singing another tune however.

-Charlie Bartlett: it was okay.

Le Temps Qui Reste: It was okay. I have seen worse.

-Broken English: very pleasant story about wanting to settle down but having yet to do so? That make sense?

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