Monday, March 16, 2009

In the news: Oh, Monday

Here is a picture of someone prettier than not only me, but you as well. He is promoting some movie that also features Matthew Perry, who nobody deems necessary to trot out for photo-ops. Pic via here. News here:

-Vermont starts legislative talk on allowing same-sexytimes. [ap]

-There's a gay guy on American Idol, which totally RUINS it now. [reality tv]

-The show Kings (based on selections from best-selling children's book The Bible), also has a gay person, and this one is quite basically the villain, like most gays. [after elton]

-Let's see: basically, Michael Steele, the GOP chair, doesn't QUITE hate homos to agree which comforts his Repug clozzy co-horts. If there's two things the republican party hates, it's people who are intolerant of their core beliefs, and fggts. [queerty]

-West Virginians are worried about the Gay Ultimatum. [register herald]

-Discrimination in schools, blahblah. [press assoc.]

-I spent like four hours scanning my computer for badware and vireeses. Sucks.

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