Sunday, March 8, 2009

Where have all the aryans gone??

Have you noticed that it seems like there aren't really that many Aryans around anymore? Is it just that they are the new Julia Roberts (meaning, big at one point, but now only attractive/interesting in a quaint, almost boring way)? Do you think  they voted for Obama, or do they still have the Zig-zig-a-zig heil [via Aushwitz Spice] thing going on? I met one a while back, and he said I had a gay vibe, which: a) I did not hit on him in ANY way b) I don't really have a gay vibe unless you like, really get me excited about something (okay, only a little excited). Techinically, I told some dude to come sleep in bed with me right in front of this other kid, which is pretty ghey, but that's not a VIBE, you guys. He cheated. That's EVIDENCE, so don't act like you're all intuitive and shit. That's like saying a Mikey Bay movie gives you a 'splodey vibe. Whatever. I want to go to there (aryan wonderland, that is).

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