Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In the news: St Patricks Day

Why are there so many fucking holidays?? Honestly, I mean, I get this one, heritage and all, but, y'all, I think we really should get rid of some of these things. I'm a 'hater', I guess, but we could probly chop 2 or 3 holidays off the calendar and still be okay with the universe, nay? This picture is pertinent to NOTHING. News:

-A teacher was fired because nobody likes gay people. [usa today]

-Hate crimes against you-know-whos seems to be increasing in Calif. [mercury news]

-Fight for adoption continues in Florida. [miami herald]

-I hate religion, but it's cool when someone who DOESN'T hate it is a cool person. [LGF]

-Marriage equality match in LA on Sunday. [my desert]

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