Monday, March 23, 2009

in the news: the usual, augmented with some random dude showing his trail for no reason. such is life

-Some loser did some dumb shit. [bbc]

-Pretty interesting case about a man denied asylum in the US (he was attacked in his native Brazil), who is gay, and 'married' to an American, but that does not matter, because he is gay. [nyt]

-Couple more Tales of Gay Marriage. [wcax] [business journal]

-LeAnn Rimes: "My husband sucks cocks." [abc]

-It's cool to hate gays in Africa, but Bono's not gonna tell y'all that, is he?? [allafrica]

-Talk of my fave fantasy: nazigays. [popmatters]

-People complaining about the pope, which is pointless. Can you guess why it's pointless? [news24]

-Sports fans can be homophobic, and often are. [outsports]

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