Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In the news, yall

-People who play videogames can be homophobic, and companies that make games can sometimes not give a shit. [reghardware]

-Australians maybe will fight against its ghey-haters. [pinknews (hate that name)]

-Obama is pretending to consider 'don't ask [via don't tell]' again, and how its dumb, especially if he's going to be sending everyone under 30 to Afgahnistan. [ap]

-Barry O also might get a gay intern to be all up in the White House, asking everybody if they saw Ugly Betty last night. [365]

-Three men arrested in connection to a hate crime at a bar. [dallas voice]

-Some student can't give blood at his college, in Montclair New Jersey, because he is a gay, and gays are twinks, with AIDS. [cw]

-Sean Penn thinks Cali should have a Harvey Milk Day, but Guvner Swarzenneger thinks that if Penn likes Harvey Milk Day so much, why doesn't he marry it? [e!]

-Sarah Silverman will get to keep her show, only now it has a gay step-father, who sponsors it. [reuters]

-Gay people want to get married or whatever? WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN? [afp]

picture via the cobrasnake

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