Monday, March 30, 2009

News: you can use

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-Interesting bit of pondering on college basketball and the 'phobia, yo. [365]

-More gay marriage, more Vermont. [wcax]

-Gay bars maybe having to be less aggressively homo-y? [metroweekly]

-Maybe some progress in the presbyterian church involving clergy and you know what. [dallasnews]

-More discussion on Don't Ask-Don't Tell, and about it's future (summary: it will probably be repealed within a few years). [towleroad]

-Apparently there is a 'gay media' as well as a mafia. [ontop]

-Miami allows flags (not a typo). [upi]

-Take a Xanax and read about 'pride' in Russia. [ontop]

-Okay, okay. You know how the new Bruno movie is 'too faggy' for cineplexes? Here is the right-wing-y, conservative version of the outrage about how gay Bruno is. Take two xanax and read this article. [beliefnet]

-Jeez, these Brits are really serious about homophobia in their schools. It must be worse than it sounds. [bbc]

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