Saturday, March 14, 2009

On the internet: Saturdays aren't really big news days

-Do you watch the Survivor? It's supposed to be some show where people walk around half-dressed, on an island, and they get to win money if they are not too irritating/a threat. Anyway, some photogenic gay person was on there, and was supposedly straight-acting, and maybe said some comments before the show would suggest he hates himself (ie. hates homos) but he got kicked off the show recently and SO doesn't hate gay people, just hates that it's so popular for OTHER PEOPLE to hate them/us/him/you. That's his picture right there, for the pervs in the club. [after elton]

-Ashton Kutcher is a hero. [

-Here's a depressing story about gays in the military. [denverwestwordblog]

-No ghey marriage until everyone has a job, y'all. [msnbc]

-Here is a story about Harlow Cuadra and how he might be sentenced to death, in 2009, in America. Wanna play a drinking game? Read the article and drink a shot of bleach everytime the writer mentions gay porn for no reason. [timesleader]

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