Sunday, November 16, 2008

On the blogs: COACD on the Coop

I put COACD on the blog roll here because I used to go there to check out the models, but I hadn't been there in a while, and openly advocating made me feel like I should make the trip. Scrolling down in search of moddles to investigate, I come across a post about my favorite propostion as well as a little note toward America's newscaster and loving, nurturing, and milk-skinned boyfriend, Anderson Hays Cooper:

Anderson Cooper needs to come out of the closet and should have used CNN as a
platform last week to educate all viewers on Prop 8. It kills me to see him
lower himself using airtime talking about Real Housewifes of Atlanta, trust me I
love that show. But the fact that we can elect the first black president and not
overcome homophobia in California is pathetic. Anderson Step it up!

Words emboldened by the video only a couple posts up of a t-shirt clad aryan boy flexing his muscles for an unseen cameramen just feet away. But she's right, right? Um, Wanda Sykes technically came out, at a Prop 8ight rally no less, so that's a good thing, and a thought to latch onto the next time you race toward the bathroom at work cuz you gotta pee really bad, and security stops you and points to the Straight Mens' Only sign above the restroom door, you'll be confused for a couple of moments until he turns his pointed index finger and aims it at an unkempt, wooden outhouse, the word Geigh scrawled in chalk across its rickety, termite-infested door.


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