Saturday, November 29, 2008

In the world: Leftovers

*The Rugby Football League is starting a campaign to fight homophobia, as an addition of work they do with the LGB community, not because their fans hate gay people. Cool beenz either way, yes? One of their players came out years ago, and nobody's head exploded, so they think it might help everyone to get over it also. [brand republic]

*A call in England to squelch a bit of the old h-phobia, as is it's on the rise, they say. [W&B Times]

*In Australia, two public health officials think gays are tatamount to insane peoples, so their having hearings about it. Or something. [telegraph]

*Most of these stories I find on homophobia are from out of the UK. Why is that?

*myPartner dot com is afraid that eHarmonies new Homo Matchmakingz department will be too awesome and will thusly destroy them. [marketwatch]

*Oh, Mike Huckabee is an idiot and either uninformed, misinformed, or a liar. [prideSource]

*Being gay sucks, but more if you live in Iran. Just sayin. [hurriyet]

*Look--gay marriage is likely not happening for, like, years. We get it. [nytimes]

Oh, lastly, googling 'rugby players' at work might get you fired. Just putting it out there; (these guys play(ed) for Duke, btw...

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