Saturday, November 29, 2008

In stores: A Cross the Universe

I would never suggest someone spend money, especially during the Global Economic Collapse of 2008/end of the world as we know it. But something I want to see is the Justice short documentary A Cross the Universe. I'm kind of afraid to watch it, because they are kind of my favorite "band" right now (of Ed Bangers, they tie with SebastiAn for my fondness, with Mr Oizo and Uffie tied for second), and I'm scared watching this will change my image of them. Of course, though, I have no idea what that image is. I don't know what they can say or do to make me respect their music less, but sometimes it just pays to not know so much about yr idols (although after learning they kiss before each show, I can't imagine there's some terrible thing they do to cancel out such novel idiosyncracy). Whatever, all of this is to say that Exclaim dot ca has an interview with them here. Wocka-wocka...

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