Friday, November 21, 2008

In the news: What'd we miss?

*People want James Franco (our hero) to care either way about playing gay characters, so they're asking him what it's like to play gay characters. Says Franco, "It's kinda gay." (not really) [mercury news]

*Anybody who has ever used Eharmony knows that you have to like god's version of sex in order to find a match there, but the company just had to, like, pay New Jersey a bunch of money because that is in direct violation of the gay constitution, and now they have to help closet-cases find hook-ups too or something. I don't know, I can't read, and it's Friday. [wsj]

*Gay people text-messaged Barack Obama "wat's up wit gay marage?" and he hasn't texted them back yet, so they're going to focus on some other issues for the time being. He's got til 2010, or they're going to start spamming his Facebook page and talking shit about him to their mutual friends. [usa today]

*Since Cali dropped the ball, Vermont wants to be the "cool" state by letting people marry each other there. [ap]

*Barry O also says to wait up on that rescinding of Don't Ask Don't Tell. He'll call you back when he knows something. [upi]

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