Wednesday, November 19, 2008

In the news: Because news is less boring when you're just looking at the pictures

* "In a spirit of inclusion and transparency in government, President-Elect Barack Obama has chosen seven openly gay transition officials to assist in preparing for the new administration, with details about the transition team appearing online for public inspection." [edge boston]

*Remember when some peoples were gonna make an all-gay high school? No, no, not a Mormon high school. And no, not East High School in Salt Lake. Whatever, we don't really remember it either, our point is, their scrapping it, and we can't help but be kind of happy about that. Dunno... [Chitown daily]

* "Vermont lawmakers will once again be looking at the idea of allowing gay couples to marry. Senator John Campbell says he plans to introduce a bill in January that legalizes same-sex marriage." [wcax]

*Chuck Norris says some stuff you would expect from a chuck norris-type o guy. [defamer]

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