Thursday, November 20, 2008

On the websites: Defamer talks the Advocate talking SNL

Our favorite writer on Defamer (and of the entire current Gawker network, give or take a couple people, whatever, that's not the point) is Seth, who has blown our minds with his punchlines to even the most mundane of post subjects; we want to be more like him, is our point. But whatever, today he covered the Advocate (short for "the Devil's Advocate," we're sure) and their interview with Seth Myers of SNL, where they talked about how gay last week's episode was. I noticed it was pretty ghey, and most wouldn't complain about Andy Samberg making out with dudes and stuff, so I was wondering what the beef was, when it was clear Defamer wasn't totally in the tank for some of the skits presented. And so here's the beef, according to Seth (Defamer versz):

The point isn't that the writing was mean-spirited; it's that it's lazy, and
dated, and relies on gayness as a punchline unto itself. Two openly gay
mechanics in love bickering over their wedding plans is actually a premise that
could produce some well-observed comedy. But two deeply closeted mechanics
admitting to sucking dick in glory holes, then suddenly announcing their
engagement, is something else entirely. It's a Yes on 8 ad.

And while we're sure some of their best writers are gay, you know what might help even more? How about convincing Lorne Michaels to hire his first openly gay SNL cast member? (And Terry Sweeney doesn't count. That was the Dick Ebersol-produced season.) HAHAHA! Just kidding—we know that will never happen. Who's going to laugh at two guys sucking face when you know one's totally getting his rocks by Andy Samberg off while doing it?[defamer]

We wanted to disagree with him immediately (without the election, SNL needed to do something topical, and this was what they went for), but pretty much, he's got a point. But it's really hard to tell sometimes when one (me) is being a stick in the mud for not being cool with gay humor (young people calling stuff "gay" and shizz like that) and when we're legitimately supposed to be offended because we have been, well, offended. But I do remember squirming during the skit he mentions above, but sometimes it's like I spend the whole day squirming, plus I'm sure I was drunk, so, yeah, maybe if everyone just starts being nice to us, our emotional responses to SNL skits won't be so confusing.

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