Friday, December 5, 2008

TGIF: Slow news week

Yeah, so, to avoid posting the same thang over and over, I just post nothing (this is also to avoid becoming a hawt dudez photo site, which is just brimming below the surface, that's BRIMMING BTW) and also I work allowed but will probably get fired soon, ANYWAY:

*New York might try to sneak same-s3x marridge into legalness by making it an issue of helping the state's economy or what have u. [daily news]

*This article mentions the orientation of the alleged crime-causer, but I stopped reading it before they made it clear why this information is relevant to what appears to be an unrelated issue of KIDNAPPING. [SLTrib]

*This rugby ref came out, and says it was really hard, but thinks he would have basically just gotten his ass kicked if he had been a futball ref, and we basically agree, though we don't have evidence on us at this exact moment, ok? [bbc]

*"...But while a majority of non-white voters backed a ban on gay marriage, the key finding in the new survey was that voters' position on Proposition 8 was determined more by their level of education and income than their race or ethnicity, said PPIC president Mark Baldassare. Among Californians with a high school diploma or less, 69 percent voted for Proposition 8. Among college graduates, 57 percent voted against it." [mercury news]

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