Thursday, December 11, 2008

On Mt. Olympus: Golden Globe Nominations

Okay, so the Golden Glurb nominations were released (or what have you) today, and two things: Well actually three: One, I'm not even pissed about cool movies being skipped over in favor of movies that tuck in their dress shirts when grandma comes over, because who really gives a shit about these things? 2)To contradict that, I'm happy about True Blood getting recognized, even if they invited Entourage even though we asked them not to, and we're also happy our pretend fake lover James Franco got nominated even if it's sort of a joke (did they like him so much, and HATE Milk so much, that they had to do this?).

And THREE: the actors might have to go on strike before this shit even goes down. THE THING IS, if I was an actor, the last thing I would want to do, for me, or for my fans, is go on strike during the the Economic Doomsday Crisis of the Aughts. It would be shitty, but THEN if I screwed my financial situtation down the road because of this temporary, albeit years long, crisis, then I would be pissed down the road, since my lifestyle would be based on this millionaire sitch I'd be in, and I'd be needing that money, y'know? So I would kinda have to go on strike, becase it would affect my future, not just my right now. So who knows what they'll do, but if they don't strike, it would be kind of stupid of them. I would respect them, and totally understand, and it would very much suck, but they would be dumb if they didn't. Okay fin

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