Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Breifly: Gran Torino, Wendy, Lucy

I saw Gran Torino. It's not mindblowingly innovative (and might be robbing others if its too much an Oscar presence) but it was a good movie, and Eastwood was good, and the non-actor young actors were endearing too. If someone offers to take you to see it, say yes. Clint Eastwood directing (at this stage of the game) is not a bad thing, ok? Stop acting like it is. Okay, I love you, later days.


Wait, wait, don't go. I also saw Wendy & Lucy, and it was touching, and understated, and Michelle Williams being so good made me miss Ledger even more. So, see that too, I guess.

She holds a stick at some point. It's pretty poignant. Seriously tho, I dug.

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