Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Further in the world of sports...

Been a couple days, so we will post chaotically because the reason we DON'T post sometimes is to avoid chaos, so we are giving ourselves what we Don't Want for a change, k? (Also reading about sports--see previous post--made me want to just keep reading about sports. Funny how that works.)

*Cristiano Ronaldo won the Best Player Ever This Year, 2008 Millenial Awesomeness award, and might be changing teams also. When further researched, it was also found that Mr. Ronaldo is adorable in, like, every picture ever taken of him. [ap]
*Oh, Brady Quinn is going to have finger surgery. We'll put our interest in the Browns in the refrigerator until the outcome of this procedure. [ap]
*You want to see some hockey playing dudes grabbing some balls? No? Well, by balls, we mean testys or whatever, so click the link if you change yr mind. [MSIH]
*Michael Phelps was named sportsman of the year by Sports Illustrated, proving our theory that it is cool for dudes to fawn over this guy and his doep bod, as long as they point out that he is also sort of a butterface when under natural lighting, which makes him HUMAN. That is why it is okay to hate Ronaldo, because he'd make Burt Reynolds do a double take wockawockawocka...[cnn]

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