Tuesday, December 9, 2008

In the news: The Song Remains the Same

No, the picture has nothing to do with the posts. It's just for artistic purposes? Whatever, read the news instead, if you like:

Sean Penn thinks making a movie where he's a big icon of some movement or other means he can admire any icon, represnting any movement he damn well pleases, and that is NOT cool, bro. [LAT]

A dude was walking arm-in-arm with his bro, as in, his real brother, and they got beat up, and the thing might be that the attackers thought they were h to the omos, so let them have it. [ap]

Gay people might get some gay rights (those are regular rights, sculpted to look gay) in Ohio of all places. [plain dealer]

Some dudes in the UK are being Police Style looked for because they made phobic chants at a soccer match, and guess what? DOING THAT IS ILLEGAL THERE! [pinknews]

Somebody wrote the movie Milk, and is capable of conducting interviews, which he has done. [SBIndependent]

Those people who wear scarves indoors and watch Project Runway took off of work yesterday so that their coworkers could get a day free of fuckin' nancies. The impact is discussed (I went to work). [ChiTrib]

Theater, Judy Garland, rainbow-colored advert font. [broadway.com]

FINALLY: Here is Led Zeppelin being awesomer than most, playing Dazed and Confused, because that's just how it is.

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