Sunday, December 14, 2008

Notes on Milk

Okay, so I saw Milk, sue me. Here are some things that I would right next to asterisks, in no particular order, in regards to Milk or my viewing of it, if I were inclined to do such a thing:

*It was a good movie.

*James Franco and Sean Penn have pretty natural chemistry, maybe not at first (this is me not knowing in what order the movie was filmed, and also me just having to get used to them being in love almost immediately, at least in screen time), but eventually yes, they convince they are in love.

*It's not even like Paranoid Park on the How Artsy Is It? scale, but I don't think it's all that far from the one with Keanu Reeves and River Pheonix (I know what it's called, I was just tired of typing titles).

*Emile Hirsch seems like he's doing a bad impression at first, then is pretty good from then on. That means we liked him.

*It is VERY timely. Everybody likes looking at historical movies and drawing the parallels to Real Life (people like doing this with any kind of movie maybe) and they will have a field day with this, because it seems sometimes like nothing has changed. You hope that people who may not feel this way (inolerant peoples) will actually sit through the movie to at least get the sense of this, for all that would be worth. Nobody, though, is really presented with a judgement attached--not even the bad guys get treated like all bad, even when they are scary. *Things have changed, though, but you see it's been the same thing over and over. Hopefully, people will start noticing how stupid some of these arguments are.*

*Sean Penn is very good, if I didn't already say that. He's earned whatever award they link him to, whether he actually gets them or not.

*Josh Brolin is good. His character has a drunk moment that could be seen as funny if it were in another movie, but it works good here.

*There's a lot of making out, maybe too much. If you hung out with this much making out, and you weren't involved in it, you'd be kind of annoyed.

*It's whatever. You should probably go see it. Bring a date!

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