Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Did you hear?

Our pretend bf (one of many SCCL pretend male men) got assaulted by one of his own teammate peoples in his pretty perfect face (or something) and now the losing team coach is totally maybe getting shitcanned, for Jesus' birthday.

While the reports have been foggy about the entire nature of the incident,
there is something that is very clear -- Romeo Crennel has now guaranteed his
own demise.
People will talk about how ridiculous Quinn and Smith are, but my
stance is that it's Crennel who has completely lost it. Yes, things happen in
pro football all the time, but not when your franchise quarterback is being
punched in the face. This is the sort of locker room environment that has been
cultivated by the Crennel regime the past four seasons. This "players" coach has
lost control of his entire football team -- and it is
embarrassing. The players obviously have no respect for the team,
franchise, Cleveland, or themselves.

Okay, that's just speculation, but it got us this far, and that's what really counts. [examiner]


Cristiano Ronaldo, our pretend side-peice, because in Pretend Land (Burbank, CA), people have no scruples and everything is OK, did awesome in some way, and had an interview that apparently did not go way awesomely:

First to enter the set was a smiley Ronaldo, who prompted a giggly and
girly reaction from the show’s apparent host, who was quickly followed on stage
by Rooney. With all the excitement around them, and clearly not understanding a
word, Ronaldo and Rooney looked uncomfortable in their new surroundings, with
smiles plastered over their faces as the chaos around them unfolded.

Cue the sterotypical photo-snaps live on air before the interview got
underway. And when the questions finally came they included the presentor
telling Ronaldo “I’d love legs like yours,” and telling the Portuguese star “he
is so cute.”

Then things really started to fall apart. Ronaldo was quickly pulled
out of the interview by a third party (who the presenters tried to talk to on
air), with Rooney confusingly left all on his own as he tried to also exit the
stage before being told to stay put. A cringe-worthy 60 second interview was
then held, with Rooney constantly found looking over his shoulder before finally
being allowed to leave the stage. [bleacherreport]

Mmm, how relevant to this American Xmas time. Here's the video here--tug one, bro.

UPDATE: This was the picture I was supposed to use instead of the one right above. No big deal. Hug someone u love today?

Sorry for the mixxup and things. I know how it is.

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