Sunday, January 18, 2009

Recommending movies with SCCL

I saw the movie
Shelter. I don't really like talking about what movies are about, per se, because I don't really think that matters. But it's essentially about a dude whose life is unfulfilling until he meets and falls in love with someone it's impossible for him to be with, at least within his current circumstances. Or, in other words, a ghey movie. It's probably one of the better LGBT (whatever) movies I've seen; no one plays a stereotype, and, the kicker, it's emotionally honest. I pretty much recognized 80% of the situations here, and it'll probably be the case for most other people as well.

 The next one I saw was Transamerica, I know I know, late to the party, but I liked it. It was funny. Felicity Huffman was really good and delivered her zingers well, and pulled off her crying bits authentically (with drool and everything). For the pervs, there's also the eye candy of the kid who plays her son, Kevin Zegers, and his character is very sexually charged (not in the annoying LGBT movie tradition, it's truly 'part of the character'), so there's also that. It's a solid drama, whatever.

Lastly, and the least gayly, is Be Kind Rewind, which is better than I feel some critics wanted my ass to think it was when it came out. People kind of slammed Michel Gondry, via 'he's a crappy writer only a good director', and I don't know the level to which the film was improvised, but the dialogue wasn't bad. Maybe they meant the emotional arc was lacking, which I suppose I could see, but I wasn't offended by it or anything. I laughed aloud a few times, and tend to not even like Jack Black, almost at all sometimes, so that was a feat for the picture. If you want a low-key comedy to kill a little of 90 minutes, then go for this.

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