Wednesday, January 28, 2009

In the news: Buncha stuff

There's like a gay character in a video game or something. This matters, y'all. [

Some Khristians want the 'right to hate fggts' or something. Pretty sure you already have that right, buddy. [guardianUK]

"James O'Connor (19) one of the men accused of murdering gay Liverpool teen, Michael Causer, in an allegedly homophobic attack, yesterday pleaded guilty to murdering Causer, but as part of his plea insisted that the motive was not homophobia." I mean, honestly, when someone gets killed, the death is probably the bigger deal. [lgf-dot-org]

Iceland is set to appoint the first openly gay Prime Minister. Wait, wait, don't get excited--it's just a lesbian. (Kidding, love lesbians, for real). [ap]

"Thousands are expected in Denver for a gay-rights conference opening Wednesday.The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force says more than 2,000 people are expected at the downtown Denver conference that runs through the weekend." [slt]

"It didn't take long for Utah gay-rights advocates, uplifted after energetic rallies and supportive polls, to be brought down to earth. On day two of the 2009 Legislature, the first in a series of gay-rights bills -- seemingly the least controversial piece in the Common Ground Initiative -- died Tuesday in the Senate judiciary committee." [slt]

Gay people can't be homos in the army and someone made a doc about it. [afterElton]

New Mexico wants samesex gay fucking marriage to boys or something? Dunno, can't read, y'all. [ontop]

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