Monday, January 5, 2009

I saw Speed Racer

Just because it felt like an appropriate thing to do on a Sunday. I watched football the night before, so, in order to acheive balance in the Force (a combination of wine and migraine medication), I decided to align myself with the Watchowski Bros and get down with their pretend kids movie, the Speed Racers.

I enjoyed it. It was silly but that's not a big deal, because who really cares that much about Speed Racer as a franchise anyway? This is probably the best possible movie someone could have made out of that material. Or, the best any of us could expect in 2k8, the time of its release. Basically it's hokey dailogue + Emile Hirsche 'playing it straight' + Christina Ricci totally playing a cartoon character + Susan Surandon-Roth and Dad From Roseanne representing those archetypes, lightheartedly in her case + crazy green screen streaks of light and car sounds + stupid kid stuff that's only marginally annoying + a ten y/o giving the middle finger, Speed saying "get that shit off my track," people saying ass a lot + stylized Kung Fu and FAMILY VALUES. Not better than Iron Man, though, which was it's comp in theaters.


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