Sunday, January 4, 2009

2k9 homo-core news cycle

Happy New Year! The news isn't all bad this time:

People who are in the closet are prone to have less healthy sexual habits because they secretly hate homos (themselves). [aidsmap]

Cuba thinks they may be able to acheive social utopianism, let boys and girls marry each other. [mrzine]

A kid in Dallas was run over by a car. This isn't relevant to closetcasies, it just sucks. [pegasus news]

A man and a transgendered person (his lover I guess? too many words to read) got killed but they keep referring to the trans one as a bro, when she's kinda clearly a chick. Nitpicky? [huffpo]

A bunch of dykes and homos calling themselves a 'marching band' will be at Barack Hoosayne Obambamz swearing in parade, before being smited with lightening bolts by pastor Rick 'thunderfists' Warren. [msnbc]
We told you about that lesbian who was attacked and raped by a bunch of dudes? Apparently other people have heard of it too, including law enforcement officials. [mercury news]

"More than a dozen families filed a lawsuit Tuesday challenging a new Arkansas law banning unmarried couples living together from becoming foster or adoptive parents." 'Unmarried couples' is code for 'gaysexualz', in case you missed the significance there. []

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