Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday Newsicle

It's Super Bowl Sunday, so you know what that means? TELEVISED MOVIE TRAILERS, Y'ALL. Whatever, so that I feel like I did something, newstuffs.

=The head of the Republico Starship Alliance (or the GOP, as it's popularly known) will pander to you now. (theraw)

=Ted Haggard is a closetcase, you guys. I mean, it sucks that his life is this way, and it sucks that he can't live happily as a gay dude, and that he has beliefs that force him to hate himself. But...he's gay. He just is. (huffingtone post)

=Kids in the UK? Still homophobic, in case you wondering. (harrowtimes)

Whatever, enjoy your day.

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