Sunday, February 8, 2009

On the teevees: the United States of Tara

Ok, y'all, I'm not in love with Diabo Codeface or anything. I thought Juno was pretty good, but it didn't change my stance on abortion or anything (my stance is that abortions taste great with baked potatoes). I'm happy to see subversive writers make a name for themselves, even if they write for Entertainment Weekly and, like, every other word is some cutesy bullshit. Whatever, y'know, it's a 'style choice'.

But I watched the first episode of Showtimes new hit series (pukes) the US of Tara, and I was like, "What the shiz is this shizz tore up from the floor up?" It's hokey, clownish, does not take itself seriously, and made me feel sort of dumb for watching it. AND I HAVE WATCHED EVERY EPISODE SINCE, YOU GUYS. I am addicted to this shit now. I don't know where they're going with this, but Diablo Cody, listen to me: you better fucking go somewhere with it, because I am on board now. The rebel daughter? I am on board. The gay son who you treat with respect? I am on board. The father who doesn't realize he is being marginalized? I am there. The alters//Toni Collette//her sister//the whole shit? I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt. Are you making me love you for this? -sigh- Don't even ask. Just don't Dawson's Creek me (via set the show up for failure as you try to get more mainstream and end up fucking your career and writing werewolf movies that get assfucked by the studio.) Do this right. I'm watching now. Don't waste my time, or yours, or Speilburgs (sp). PLEASE, Y'ALL. I want this to be good. The end, y'all.

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